About Us

Greetings from Metlub Enterprises, India! We manufacture specialty lubricants for a complete range of ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications. Our experience with oleo-chemicals dates back to 1965 and we have been in the business of manufacturing lubricants since the year 2000. Relying on sound technical expertise, with a focus on customer service and a wide distribution network, we have been able to quickly gain a substantial market share in our region. Many of the best known companies in the Indian subcontinent trust us as a supplier of choice for their lubrication needs. We are operating under a technical partnership with Aztech Lubricants LLC of the USA to offer products based on cutting edge technology to our customers in India and abroad. Ideally situated in the low cost geographic location of India, Metlub Enterprises is able to offer world class products at a substantially lower price, compared to our international competitors. Situated in the emerging economic hub of the Indian subcontinent, our strategic location enables us to also offer our products to surrounding markets in South East-Asia, Western Asia and Africa.
Products and Resources
We offer a complete range of calcium and sodium stearate based wire drawing powders & wet drawing lubricants and oils. Our products are used in various applications including the manufacturing of ferrous and non-ferrous wire, which are used to make fasteners, nails, staple wire, concrete reinforcement wire, galvanized wire, electrodes, bead wire, spring wire, tire cords, wire ropes, welded wire mesh, winding wire, conduction wire, just to name a few. We customize our products to meet each customer’s unique manufacturing process and their specific needs. Our modern plant with state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities is located in Ludhiana, India. With proximity to a dry port just 5 miles from our facility, we have seamless access to all modes of transport which enables us to fulfill orders with minimal lead time.
Why choose us?
Our vast industry experience coupled with strategic alliances with industry leaders and experts represents a solid knowledge base with the zeal to continuously innovate and develop customized solutions for your lubrication needs. Your success and satisfaction is the measure of our success, and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in the future!